Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rubba-Dub-Dub...Mia in the Tub!

Today Mia had her first official submersion bath. Her cord stub fell off last week so it was time for us to move from sponge baths to real baths. So here we have Exhibit A: one unsuspecting newborn lounging peacefully in her bed. Little does she know what's in store for her.
Exhibit B: the tub. Yes, this is the very same tub Big Brother Noah had his first—and many, many subsequent baths—in. As you might remember, Noah did not exactly enjoy his first bath. Was Mia's first experience any different, you ask?
Ummm, apparently not. I give you Exhibit C: one crying and very annoyed newborn in her first real bath. What is with our children? What are we doing wrong? The agony! Sigh.
After a few minutes, and with some serious calming efforts from Daddy, Mia began to relax a little bit.
Exhibit D: one slightly calmed newborn almost enjoying her first bath. Good job, Daddy. Whew!
Exhibit E: one very annoyed newborn upon leaving the bath. I actually think the after affects were worse than the bath itself. Mia did not enjoy the drying off or lotion parts of the bath experience either. Oh, boy.
Exhibit F: a still very unhappy newborn even after her bath is over and she is back in her clothes. Man, she was not happy. Don't worry, I soothed and soothed and hugged and kissed her after this photo was taken and eventually she forgot all about the unsavory bath experience and was our happy little angel once again. 

We will definitely have to work on making baths more fun for Miss Mia. Better luck next time, Mommy and Daddy.

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  1. Oh no! Baths are so wonderful and calming and peaceful and... well none of that, I guess. Too bad, Mia. Maybe you will like them more as time goes by...