Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gooooo, Steelers!

Today the Denver Broncos played the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs. The Livingstons are Steelers fans since Mimi is from Pittsburgh (and Pop-Pop became a fan when he lived there after he married Mimi) and the Lubeleys/Makis are Broncos fans since they are from Denver. 

Since we all knew that neither team would make it to the Super Bowl, our friends Ian and Danielle had a party at their house. It was kinda like our own unofficial Super Bowl. Pop-Pop loaned Mia his Terrible Towel for a photo with our friend Janet. He figured it covered up her Broncos jersey quite well. Hee, hee!
I thought you might like to see the paparazzi at work that day. Now they've switched to using the cameras on their phones! Unbelievable! Better keep your eyes on those guys, Mia. They are certainly crafty.

Of course the Broncos won so Pop-Pop and Mimi had to go home empty handed. Oh, well, there's always next year.

Thanks, Ian and Danielle, for the pre-Super Bowl fun! We'll be back for the Big Game...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mia's Sip 'N See

Today Mimi and Pop-Pop hosted a Sip 'N See party for Mia! We invited all of our friends to come over and meet our little one in person. Mimi and her friends put out a really nice spread for our guests. The food was delicious!
Mia got to meet lots of wonderful people, including Linda, Dele and Jessie.
And we took a great four generations of women photo with all the grandmas and great-grandmas. Love this photo!
Great-Grandma Betty, Jeff's grandma, met Mia for the very first time today. They were instant buddies.
She also got to meet Jeff's Aunt Mary. She fell right to sleep in her arms.
Taking a quick milk break. I was a mean Mommy today and made Mia practice her bottle feeding. Eventually I had to give in and nurse her but she did really well. Here's Mimi honing in on her feeding skills. Have to get ready for when Mia spends her weekdays at Mimi and Pop-Pop's house while I am at work sometime, right?
Mia also got to meet our friends Allison and Everett. Isn't Everett getting big! We couldn't believe he was 22 pounds already.What a cutie!
Here's Mia with our friend Dorla. Mimi had to get some kisses and hugs from Everett. He is such a love!
Later, Jack and Noah arrived. They had fun playing their new fishing memory game that they got for Christmas.
We even had pizza for dinner. Jack loved it but of course Noah had a hot dog.
Mia finished out the day with some snuggles from her Tutu.
It sure was a busy but fun day. Mia was pooped!

Thanks, Mimi and Pop-Pop, for a great party to welcome Mia to our circle of friends. It was a special day for all of us!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby Gym

Now that the holidays are over, Mia and I are getting into the swing of things and enjoying our days together. Today I decided it was time to try out our baby gym for the first time. We inherited this one from Cousin Jack since Noah's old one broke in storage. At first Mia wasn't so sure she liked being on the floor.
Soon she realized there were things to see over her head.
Then I brought out her seahorse from Christmas and she seemed to be more at ease.
Then the crankiness started again so we gave up on the gym for the day. She's only six weeks old, after all. It was a lot of stimulation for one sitting.
Ahhh, much better. That was tiring. We'll have to try again soon...