Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mia's First Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is here! Mia is also officially one-month-old today. She was looking quite cute in her hot pink butterfly sleeper earlier in the day.
That evening, we headed to Mimi and Pop-Pop's house to celebrate with the Livingston family. Mia snoozed most of the time and even wore what Pop-Pop would call "a ridiculous looking hat." Uncle Jon was one of her "holiday holders."
Meanwhile, Big Brother Noah and Cousin Jack decorated cookies.
Great-Grammy Mary brought all the stuff to make them. Noah was very proud of his cookies, did very well with the icing and he loved eating them all up.
Soon it was time for the kids, young and old, to open presents. Our friend, Terry, supervised.
Noah got lots of goodies, including a Peter Pan Pop-Up book, talking Spiderman action figure, money and much more.
Miss Mia spent the present-opening time eating and looking rather cute. She got a few cute outfits, money and some fun toys.
We closed out the evening with an awesome family photo of the four of us. Priceless!

Happy first Christmas Eve, Mia! Guess what? We get to do it all over again tomorrow with Daddy's family! Stay tuned...


  1. Such a great family photo at the end!!! Happy first Christmas Eve, sweet Mia!! Hope tomorrow is great too!

  2. What an exciting one month birthday!! Lots of hugs, lots of lights, lots of noise too, I bet! Merry Christmas Eve!